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History of Double Glazing and Double Glazing Accreditations Explained

History of Double Glazing and Double Glazing Accreditations Explained
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History of Double Glazing

Double glazing is thought to originate in scotland in victorian times. the winters had been harsh and families depended on a kitchen fireplace to preserve warm, with large homes suffering the maximum from the cold due to the fact they had more rooms to warmness. in some unspecified time in the future in this period, double glazing changed into invented through the scots and eagerly obtained.

Within the Thirties, this era moved to the u.s.and an inventor named haven created the thermopane. this became popular within the 40s and 50s, with the thermopane epitomizing luxury and class all through this period.

History of Double Glazing and Double Glazing Accreditations Explained

Inside the uk, double glazing simplest rose in reputation 40 years in the past, inside the Seventies. previous to this time, secure building codes meant that humans didn’t have the inducement to enhance their electricity performance of their homes. as well as this, substances were very luxurious till the 70s whilst the aluminium body became advanced and double glazing charges started to fall with the advent of inexpensive materials.

The 70s additionally heralded an energy disaster, with an oil embargo declared by means of the arab petroleum exporting nations. this become because of the u.s.a.assisting israel thru the yom kippur conflict.

The result turned into that the UK wanted to rethink how structured it became on overseas oil. strength fees rose sharply at some point of this time and owners began to put in double glazing to end up extra energy green and less reliant on oil and unreliable overseas markets.

The variety of double glazing corporations grew fast to satisfy demand. they now range from own family companies to huge nationwide chains. from the aluminium frame based totally home windows, double glazing has multiplied to encompass a extensive kind of frames and varieties of glass, from wooden to upvc frames and secondary, double and triple glazing answers.

Regulatory bodies have been set up to watchdog the industry and address the once in a while terrible approaches by using salesmen promoting their wares. the most important frame for double glazing have become the ggf (glass and glazing federation).

These days, fensa (fenestration self assessment) offers membership to double glazing contractors who can then deliver house owners certificates with a five-10 year assure on their expert work.

Double glazing is predicted to keep to rise in recognition, with extra electricity efficient incentives and products available available on the market. it’ll stay an vital part of home owner’s lives as they tackle their insulation sound and heat proofing answers and reduce their carbon footprint on the same time.

Double Glazing Accreditations Explained

when you pick a double glazing organisation it makes experience to choose one this is authorized and recognised as a reputable and reliable agency. to this cease there are 3 important enterprises to appearance out for. while you study the details for any double glazing corporation, they have to have one or extra of the subsequent accreditations.

History of Double Glazing and Double Glazing Accreditations Explained


Ggf stands for the glass and glazing federation. their purpose is to always raise and uphold nice standards in the glazing enterprise. if you hire a double glazing business enterprise that could be a member of the ggf you may be sure the glazed units they use are 2d to none. all contributors will also be informed of the today’s advances inside the enterprise, in addition enabling them to offer you with the quality exceptional glass. as such there may be no actual danger of getting substandard glazing merchandise whilst you prefer to use a corporation that is registered with the glass and


Fensa isn’t an acronym as such – it stands for fenestration self evaluation scheme. the ggf became simply one of the bodies that helped to create fensa. the concept is that new window installations ought to comply with the set standards in area for thermal performance within the home. in case you choose a double glazing organization that could be a member of fensa, this could robotically be accomplished for your behalf. their club enables them to self certify the installation meets all the prison necessities. you may see fensa referred to as a ready individual scheme.


just like fensa, certass is a able man or woman scheme. it specializes in ensuring pinnacle nice glazing merchandise are established in all manner of various houses. if a double glazing organization isn’t a member of certass, they could should post a constructing be aware or are looking for approval from an inspector regarding the installation. but in much the identical way as fensa lets in self certification, the certass club lets in the equal for the glazing you could see no longer all double glazing organizations are the identical. if you rent a business enterprise that holds club of 1 or extra of the above organizations (mainly with reference to fensa and certass) you recognize your set up might be plenty less complicated to complete. it will come up with peace of mind and you’ll be aware that your installation will meet all present day policies without you desiring to declare it.

Benefits of Double Glazing

Especially designed to reduce warmth loss from homes and buildings, double glazing additionally plays many other benefits, along with:
warmer in iciness: double glazing is the proper shape of insulation, with up to 50-70% of home heat misplaced through single-glazed windows. double glazing also allows seize and store a higher percentage of the natural heat from the iciness solar.

cooler in summer season: double glazing insulates your private home towards extremes of temperature, trapping a number of the summer sun;s rays and minimising the heat which burns via your home windows on warm, sunny days.

reduces power utilization: because there is much less need for heating systems you may be reducing energy intake, which saves for your strength bills and allows the environment.

History of Double Glazing and Double Glazing Accreditations Explained

Reduces condensation: condensation may be a severe trouble, particularly in older homes, because it reasons mildew and mildew, and in a few instances it will additionally rot wood window frames and harm your own family’s health. double glazing works to lessen excess moisture for your window panes.

Reduces noise: double gazing reduces noise for a calmer, quieter domestic. excessive overall performance double glazing can lessen out of doors noise by using as much as 60%, making it a great funding in case you stay by using a busy road or under a flight direction.

Complements resale cost: double glazing is an extraordinary way to growth the resale fee of your home. with double glazing, an older home may be just as perfect to the patron who desires to ensure that the house they purchase is efficaciously insulated. with retrofit double-glazing any home can get the benefits!

reduces indoors fading: reduces the dangerous results of uv light on drapes, carpet and fixtures (unique glass kinds required) decreased interior fading with the aid of the use of glass mixtures that lessen the transmission of uv radiation. reduce the want for thermal drapes that may block the outside view.

Will increase safety: discourage intruders for protection and security. it is greater hard for intruders to interrupt in through double glazed windows, specifically in case you encompass laminated or toughened glass.

The group here at richmond glass have sizable experience in double glazing installations, for old and new houses, in addition to business residences.

Why now not touch us for no-duty advice or a citation to fulfill your double glazing needs. it could be less difficult and much less high-priced than you believe you studied to make your home greater at ease, extra energy green and less luxurious to run.


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